Our grandfather’s love for trees made him stumble across a fallen Pikul tree as he was boating along the Ta-Chine river half a century ago.
The land that he discovered soon became a rose garden that our grandmother tended to with love and care. The rose garden attracted many visitors from Bangkok, which lead our grandmother to develop the place into a hotel and restaurant.
Our family’s love for nature still blossoms today. In 2008, we decided to start an organic farm to grow produce for our hotel and restaurant guests. We saw the impact that organic produce had on our family and guest’s overall wellness and wanted to keep sharing with our community.
In 2010, we gathered local organic farmers and created The Sampran Model Movement. This network connects farmers with the same values and encourages them to grow organically, which then provides consumers like us with more organic produce at a fair market price.
The bounty of organic fruits and vegetables that we received motivated us to create Patom Organic Living.

Combining traditional wisdom and modern methods, we use traceable organic raw materials to make Patom lifestyle products and delicacies under our concept of Organic Living.
We source some of our organic raw materials from our farm, but most comes from a network of local organic farmers supported by the Sampran Model Movement under the Sookjai Foundation. www.sampranmodel.com
We are a movement that inspires learning, fosters change and represents a circular economy.

Our Source of Organic Raw Materials

The Sampran Model Movement, operates under the Sookjai Foundation and supports farmers to switch from conventional to organic farming practices. The movement is also responsible for finding new marketing channels for these farmers.
We support the direct relationship between farmers and consumers. This means that farmers can decide what price they want to sell their produce at, and consumers can buy organics at a reasonable price.

“3% of sales is donated to the Sampran Model Movement.”

Your support helps our movement to educate and support conventional farmers transition to grow their crops organically. This benefits our community, the farmers, and our planet.